EPPP Study Materials & Online Tests

EPPP Study Materials

PSYCHPREP’s EPPP Study Materials consist of a focused, highly effective, single volume that covers all the domains required for the licensure exam.

  • Section 1: Learning Theory
  • Section 2: Biological Bases of Behavior
  • Section 3: Ethics
  • Section 4: Industrial/Organizational
  • Section 5: Interventions
  • Section 6: Research Design, Statistics & Test Construction
  • Section 7: Social & Multicultural
  • Section 8: Developmental
  • Section 9: DSM-5
  • Section 10: Memory
  • Section 11: Assessment
  • Section 12: Key Terms
Online Testing Subscription Highlights*
  • 1200 questions — five 200-item practice tests (Practice Tests A-E) and 200 domain-specific quiz questions
  • Opportunity to take each test and quiz three times for up to a full year
  • Unlimited opportunity to review each test and quiz for up to a full year
  • Detailed rationales for every question
  • Updated to reflect the latest EPPP topics and the DSM-5

*PSYCHPREP’s online test subscription ends once the EPPP is passed. The online test subscription is authorized for one user only; access is non-transferable.

A structured study schedule is provided, and PSYCHPREP encourages participants to take advantage of personalized expert feedback and recommendations (weekly, via e-mail) at no additional charge. PSYCHPREP’s EPPP Study Materials and Online Tests are included in all Premium Packages, and can also be purchased as an individual program.

EPPP Study Materials and Online Tests

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