About Psychprep

PSYCHPREP began in the late 1980’s, when Sharon Jablon, Ph.D., the founder, was referred a small group of licensure candidates who had difficulty passing the EPPP. In the process of working intensively with these individuals, she discovered the key factors that were impeding their success. Dr. Jablon went on to develop strategies and materials that enabled these licensure candidates to pass the EPPP.

As Dr. Jablon continued to work with licensure candidates, the strategies and materials were refined, and proved successful not only for those who had repeatedly failed the EPPP but also for those who were taking the EPPP for the first time. In fact, first-time test takers found that they were more efficiently studying a less overwhelming quantity of content than their friends who were using other materials. And most importantly, both first- time test takers, as well as candidates who had struggled in the past with the EPPP, had a passing rate of about 90%!

Thus, PSYCHPREP was born. The success of PSYCHPREP’s EPPP preparation programs in conjunction with requests from California candidates for preparation materials for the California state examination, led to the development of PSYCHPREP’s CPLEE program.

Today PSYCHPREP offers a variety of study options for the EPPP and CPLEE including seminars, workshops, home-study programs, audio CDs, and a comprehensive online testing program. Dr. Jablon and a team of educational consultants continue to develop, revise, and improve the study materials and online practice exams. PSYCHPREP has over a 20-year track record of success, and has helped thousands to pass the EPPP and CPLEE.