CPLEE Success Stories

I passed the CPLEE on the first try and am now licensed in CA! The Psych Prep materials as well as your recommended approach to studying were all very helpful…Come exam day, I felt completely connected to the content. Virtually nothing on the exam was a surprise concept or anything I didn’t feel equipped to answer.
Chicago, IL

I PASSED the CPLEE. I wanted to personally thank you for all your help! Your study materials are very complete. I listened to your CD’s over and over. I had not taken an exam in 20 years. That, coupled with having never taken an exam on the computer made for high anxiety . . . but it all worked. I made it and I cannot tell you how elated I am to have it DONE!!!
Dr. Sharon Tobler
Sanibel, Florida

Just a note of thanks … I passed the CPLEE. I loved you prep course.
George Kraus, Ph.D., ABPP
Walnut Creek, California

I passed the CPLEE!! I feel very relieved, especially since you can only miss so few questions and still pass. Your CPLEE home study program really helped me this time around. I thought that the workshop home study audio was really helpful in learning how to reason through the more difficult scenarios. Thanks for all of your help!
Dr. Jennifer Crossland
Lafayette, California

Just wanted to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to you. I sat for the CPLEE last year and did not pass and I was shocked and so disappointed! Recently, I studied for the re-take with your PsychPrep study course and learned a lot about how to approach questions. So…yesterday I sat for the exam again and I PASSED!  I used the skills I learned in your course and was able to approach even very tough questions logically and methodically. Thank you! !
Brenda Shelley-McIntyre, Ph.D.
Hillsdale, NJ

I have been licensed as a psychologist in Washington state for the past decade. When I asked CA Board of Psychology how to prepare for the CPLEE, they told me to “really study” the 270 page CA Laws and Regs for Psychologists and to know the APA Code of Ethics. What they won’t tell you is that while the test is purported to measure minimal competency over half the people taking the version I took failed it, and those who fail must wait 6 months before they can re-apply to retake it. I failed the CPLEE the first time I took it despite studying for it; I passed it the second time thanks to Sharon Jablon’s CPLEE Psych Prep course. The CPLEE is the most convoluted test I have ever taken. I am indebted to Dr. Jablon for her ability to chunk concepts into understandable language, to convey complex and verbose laws into need-to-know facts, for her outstanding grasp of what it takes to pass this test, and her willingness to teach it to others. Fully prepared by PsychPrep, I still found the test rife with trick questions and legal jargon; thankfully, I could “hear” Sharon explain how to approach those questions. The BOP tells me they don’t endorse this class; without it, I simply would not have passed. Thank you, Dr. Jablon!!! Thank you for myself and for my family, as my livelihood depends upon being a licensed psychologist in California.
Deena Rathkamp, Ph.D.
Bellingham, WA