EPPP Success Stories

I passed today with a 722! So happy to be done with this part of the licensure process… Thank you for all your help! …I will definitely be recommending the psych prep program to my friends. It’s amazing that I was able to study with a new baby and the streamlined content materials plus the accessibility of the online tests (e.g. mobile phone format) was the only way I would have been able to complete practice tests since it let me sneak it in whenever I could.
Seattle, WA

I am happy to report that I took the EPPP for the first time…and I passed with a 611! I have been a practicing school psychologist for ten years, but I have not set foot in a graduate school classroom since finishing my doctorate in 2014. I started studying with PP in October. I studied for approximately 10 hours a week. The audio was really convenient because I could listen while running and driving, and reading through the study materials later on in the day helped solidify what I heard. I also found the immediate feedback on the chapter quizzes and practice tests very helpful. My coach, Jeff, was quick in responding to my questions and gave me a detailed, realistic study plan that I followed pretty much to the letter. I also have to point out that Dr. Jablon really sounds like she is enjoying the content she’s teaching, and that makes learning unfamiliar material easier. All in all, I’m tremendously pleased, and I’d recommend Psych Prep to anyone.
Dr. Michael Paff
Gardiner, NY

I took the EPPP for the first time yesterday and I passed! I want to thank you so much for your incredibly comprehensive study program. I have had horrible test anxiety for most of my life and had been avoiding taking this EPPP test for a few years due to fear (how’s that for classical conditioning? Haha!) But once I started really learning the content and applying your test taking strategies, I noticed my testing abilities improving more and more with each practice test and each chapter I read. I will be using your program again for the upcoming CPLEE. Thank you again for your wonderful study program. It feels so blissful to have conquered this EPPP hurdle and be free!
Petaluma, CA

I passed by listening to each section of Psychprep’s audiotape course 1-2x. It was incredibly helpful and more than enough preparation… The course was presented in such an engaging, concise, and coherent structure that I recommended it to everyone I know. Thank you for providing the most effective EPPP prep program!!!
Brooklyn, NY

After having failed the EPPP 3 times and using every single prep company out there, PsychPrep helped me pass on the 4th (and final) try with a score of 596. I attended the weekend workshop, listened to the wonderful 38 CD program 3 times total, and did practice exams. Thank you so much for being such a dynamic program. I now tell everyone not to waste their time with the other programs. PsychPrep is THE way to pass without getting overwhelmed with all the extra material the other companies pack in. I wish I had used PsychPrep from the beginning.
Dr. Lizette Ojeda
College Station, Texas

I just wanted to let you know the good news: I passed the EPPP! I received a score of 644! What is most remarkable is that I have suffered from extreme test anxiety my whole entire life and have paid thousands of dollars and taken in-class training to pass other standardized tests (GMAT, GRE). I learned more through your program about the art of test-taking than through any other program. Thank you for your support and guidance throughout this process.
C.F., Ph.D.
Winthrop, Maine

Thank you for the program you have created. The study strategies were very helpful — containing, informative, and most important, highly effective! My first time sitting for the exam was a complete success! I scored 681, way above the needed 500.
Lee Wong-Holland, Psy.D
Oakland, California

I passed with a 649! Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. I have your study material, practice tests, and feedback to thank for my success. The practice tests were PERFECTLY relevant to the test content so I felt well prepared. Thanks again!
Dr. Anna Packard
Sandy, Utah

I just wanted to let you know that I passed the EPPP with a score of 698! Thank you so much for all of your guidance through the test prep process!
Christi Zenteno, Ph.D.
Novato, California

I passed the eppp with a score of 620!!! It was a weird exam. The wording was convoluted but the test taking strategies and the content mastery helped out. I walked out not knowing if I passed or not and the wait on my scores has been brutal but it’s official. Thank you Dr. Jablon and PsychPrep for your help with this gigantic mountain. The weekly feedback was priceless!!!
Dr. Brad Stepp
Bloomington, Indiana

I just wanted to THANK YOU! I passed with a scaled score of 682. Having been out of school for 15 years, and only recently getting back into the profession, I was worried. But your materials and support were top-notch. Many, many thanks again.
Tracy Marsh, Ph.D.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dear Dr. Jablon, I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you personally and the PsychPrep Corporation in general. Despite spending only 2-3 months studying, I passed my exam on the first try and with a margin. The customer service representatives were always friendly and helpful, and went out of their way to ensure that I was taken care off. The ease of using the materials (not too simplistic nor too complicated or overwhelming) made this arduous process quite enjoyable. Thanks again for the personalized and on-target support. I will highly recommend PsychPrep to all my colleagues.
Liv E. Miller, Psy.D.
Morganton, West Virginia

I passed with a score of 609!!! Needless to say, I am ecstatic and relieved to know that this bear is off my back. I can certainly relate to those who say they come out of the test feeling like they failed. I would wholeheartedly recommend your products to anyone.
Chad Kraska, Psy.D.
Berwyn, Pennsylvania

I just wanted you to know I passed with an 82%! YAYYYY!!! I just wanted to thank you so much for your support and encouragement. I will be singing the praise of Psychprep for evermore! You really do a fantastic job of motivating and encouraging and I appreciated it so very much.
Melinda Delazar-Park, Psy.D
Wallkill, New York

Just wanted to let you know … I passed!!!! I LOVED PsychPrep preparations/material etc — loved the experience of studying and the breadth of knowledge covered, etc. Thank you.
Melissa Symington, Ph.D.
Pasadena, California

Many thanks to PsychPrep for an excellent, easy to follow EPPP home study program. It made taking the exam much less stressful and I passed with a comfortable margin. The study strategies, clear rationales on practice tests, and email support made all the difference.
Morgan Kay, Ph.D.
Los Angeles, California