EPPP Strategy For Success

PSYCHPREP’s single-volume study approach to the EPPP provides candidates with a thorough understanding of the general content domains and the major concepts in them. As the EPPP is a multiple-choice exam, it is most important that content learning focuses on the subtle differences between concepts that are similar (e.g., the difference between stimulus generalization and response generalization, or the difference between primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention). PSYCHPREP’s classes, workshops, and engaging audio CDs/mp3s enrich concept understanding.

While the foundation of PSYCHPREP’s EPPP success strategy is solid content mastery, success on the EPPP requires more — content knowledge alone is not enough. The ASPPB (EPPP developers) note that the EPPP is not a test of rote knowledge but rather a test of critical thinking. PSYCHPREP discourages extensive use of flashcards, as flashcards tend to focus on memorization.

PSYCHPREP’s EPPP success strategy includes three critical components.

1. Develop Your Test-Taking Skills

Regardless of your natural aptitude for multiple-choice tests, test-taking skills can be dramatically improved. PSYCHPREP provides highly effective test-taking strategies that have helped thousands succeed on the EPPP. These test-taking strategies are incorporated throughout all of PSYCHPREP’s EPPP programs (e.g., Study Strategies Workshop, Free Introductory Package, Weekend Workshop, 15-Week Seminar, Audio CDs/mp3s, Online Tests).

In addition to teaching you how to approach multiple choice test questions, PSYCHPREP’s online testing program is designed to optimize development of test-taking skills. Detailed rationales are provided for every question, for correct responses as well as all incorrect responses. Our testing program also gives each test-taker the opportunity to take all test questions three times, with additional access given at no charge, if necessary.

2. Structure Your Study Time

PSYCHPREP provides a structured study schedule, and generally recommends studying for the EPPP from 10 to 20 hours a week for three to four months. The study schedule can easily be modified for candidates planning to take the EPPP within a shorter (e.g., four to six week) or a longer (e.g., six to nine month) timeframe.

PSYCHPREP suggests that program participants begin EPPP preparation by taking the first practice test (Test A) prior to any content studying. Test A establishes a baseline test score, and provides candidates with a good idea of how concept knowledge is tested on the EPPP. PSYCHPREP’s study schedule incorporates one new content area and one practice test each week. Over the course of study, each practice test should be taken three times.

3. Track Your Progress with PSYCHPREP Staff

PSYCHPREP offers very clear guidelines for expected progress with our online testing program. We provide specific test score cutoffs that correlate highly with EPPP success. Individually-tailored, weekly expert feedback takes the guesswork out of licensure preparation and readiness to test.

Feedback is provided exclusively by doctoral level consultants. Most PSYCHPREP participants get through the preparation process and the EPPP with relative ease. With expert feedback, should a problem emerge, strategies for remediation are quickly recommended. With PSYCHPREP’s expert feedback, when we certify that you are ready to test, you are 95%+ likely to PASS.

Weekly expert feedback is included when you order any of PSYCHPREP’s Premium Packages, EPPP Study Materials, or EPPP Online Testing Program.

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