Free Introductory Package

PSYCHPREP’s Introductory Package for the EPPP includes:

1) Study Strategies Workshop videos, handout (pdf) and PowerPoint (pdf), and sample questions  from PSYCHPREP’s Free Study Strategies Workshop. This program will provide you with information and tools to improve EPPP outcome!

  • An overview of the EPPP
  • Strategies to enhance multiple choice test-taking ability
  • An approach to optimize content study
  • Guidelines for structuring study time
  • Pitfalls that can lead to failure and how to avoid them
  • Techniques for monitoring strengths, weaknesses, and overall progress

2) Theories and Principles of Learning and Behavior handout, audio mp3 files, and Learning Theory Quiz Questions

  • Sample the first chapter of PSYCHPREP’s Study Materials and live audio recording
  • Classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and social learning theory reviewed and explained in a clear, dynamic, and engaging format
  • Application of challenging concepts to domain-specific quiz questions

PSYCHPREP’s Free Introductory Package is available to view/listen to online and/or download (mp4 videos, audio mp3 files, and PDF documents).

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