Free Introductory Package

PSYCHPREP’s Introductory Package for the EPPP includes:

1) Study Strategies Handout and audio mp3 files from PSYCHPREP’s Free Study Strategies Workshop. This program will provide you with information and tools to improve EPPP outcome!

  • An overview of the EPPP
  • Strategies to enhance multiple choice test-taking ability
  • An approach to optimize content study
  • Guidelines for structuring study time
  • Pitfalls that can lead to failure and how to avoid them
  • Techniques for monitoring strengths, weaknesses, and overall progress

2) Theories and Principles of Learning and Behavior Handout, audio mp3 files, and Learning Theory Quiz Questions

  • Sample the first chapter of PSYCHPREP’s Study Materials and live audio recording
  • Classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and social learning theory reviewed and explained in a clear, dynamic, and engaging format
  • Application of challenging concepts to domain-specific quiz questions

PSYCHPREP’s Free Introductory Package is available to view/listen to online and/or download (audio mp3 files and PDF documents).

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