The Psychprep Advantage

Here’s how PSYCHPREP compares with other EPPP preparation programs.

1. PSYCHPREP has condensed all the content necessary for passing the EPPP into a single volume. Our Comprehensive Materials are concise and to the point, providing what is necessary to pass the EPPP without extraneous details that can increase anxiety, overwhelm candidates, waste valuable study time, or unnecessarily delay the testing date.

2. PSYCHPREP’s comprehensive Online Testing Program includes the opportunity to take each test three times. Candidates who do not make expected progress will receive additional access to necessary tests at no charge. Most candidates pass the EPPP with three to four months of preparation. In the unlikely event of failure, candidates are given full access to the online tests again, providing their subscription to the testing program has not expired.

3. PSYCHPREP’s programs emphasize developing test-taking strategies and skills. To further test-taking skills, all of PSYCHPREP’s test questions include detailed rationales that describe not only why a particular answer is correct, but that specifically explain problems with incorrect responses chosen. This dramatically improves test-taking ability and the likelihood of passing the EPPP.

4. PSYCHPREP provides detailed study guidelines and specific steps to take to monitor progress and make adjustments as needed. PSYCHPREP offers expert weekly feedback and recommendations (in class or via e-mail) for candidates enrolled in the comprehensive seminar or the home study program. This enables candidates to reduce anxiety, remediate problems, and use study time efficiently.